Amber Teething Necklace

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The most popular and no-side-effects remedy for teething (and drooling)!

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Our personal story

Before we got one for Selah, she would cry and I could not put her down, at.all!! Those were the first two teeth and the ones after that have been much better. During her latest, molars, she has been cranky but not crying and I can put her down! Actually, this time we put on another one (so she was wearing 2) and after a few days it seemed like she wasn’t teething at all even though I could see some of her teeth are still working on coming through fully!

How does Amber work?

“Baltic amber contains 3-8% of succinic acid, a scientifically examined medical substance used in contemporary medicine…The most obvious benefits are the reduction of inflammation (red cheeks) and a stimulation of the thyroid glands (controls drooling). Historically and scientifically associated with sunlight and warm, Amber accelerates our natural immune systems ability to heal wounds and reduces inflammation in the ears, throat, stomach and respiratory system. There is nothing on the market today that can even come close to the amazing, natural results of Baltic amber. There are no tablets, medications or pastes that can compete with this amber.” (source:


I get them shipped straight from the maker in Lithuania. He and I both test them and can assure you they are genuine.


Please note that different colors are NOT more effective than others!


Each amber is separated by knot so that if the necklace breaks, only one will fall out! My daughter has pulled on hers as hard is she can many times but it has never broken!


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I encourage local pick up if possible! And I used to be able to do free shipping but I can’t send them in a small envelope anymore because I’ve had a few get damaged as they went through the machine.


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