Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil


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Links to articles for everything you need to know about FCLO are at the end of this post.


 It is essential to take also consume adequate amounts of Vitamin K2 with your cod liver oil; in fact, it’s dangerous not to! This is most easily done in the form of ghee or butter oil. You can take it along with your meal containing lots of butter but you have to make sure it is grass-fed otherwise it contains no Vitamin K, the nutrient needed to use the nutrients in cod liver oil (Vitamin A&D). Green Pastures butter oil is only made from butter produced from 100% grass-fed cows, only harvested during the spring, the most nutritious milk produced! That’s why it’s “high vitamin butter oil.” This is what makes it so effective but clearly not everyone can afford it. BUT it’s expensive so I make my own ghee. It’s nowhere near as high in Vitamin K because I use Kerry Gold butter which is not exclusively grass-fed and is harvested all year around. Most importantly, Green Pasture extracts butter oil without heat whereas making it yourself you have to use heat!
Ghee comes in a pint jar:

12oz salted: $8
12oz unsalted: $10
ghee in caps: extra $5


I used to gag at even the thought of taking my cod liver oil! Now I don’t mind it at all! I keep my butter oil/cod liver oil combo in the fridge so it’s kind of hard. Then I fill a glass with yummy raw milk, take a spoon and put some combo on the back of my tongue. Then I just enjoy my milk! Yum. I find the cinnamon flavor the best. My husband doesn’t have a hard time at all so he likes his at room temperature. If you’re still having a hard time swallowing it, you need to start off with a tiny amount and work your way up to 1 1/2 tsp. Let me know if you have any other suggestions!


 For an extra $15 I will encapsulate your FCLO! Buying the capsules straight from them is twice as expensive!


Local Hampton Roads pick up: free
Shipping anywhere in the USA: $6 for 4 or 5 bottles
International: shoot me a message

FCLO/Butter Oil:

Enough for 1 month for a full adult serving. If you can’t afford that much, that’s okay: take less!

240ml Chocolate: $42
240ml Cinnamon: $42
240ml non-flavored: $42
120 Caps: $38


Enough for 1 1/2 months.
237ml mint: $37
237ml cinnamon: $37
237 ml oslo orange: $37
237ml non-flavored: $37
120 caps orange: $25
120 caps non: $25

Infused with coconut oil:

27.5oz cinnamon: $47
27.5 oz unflavored: $47

Butter Oil:

Enough for 3 months.
240ml non-flavored: $53
240ml butter pecan: $53
240ml raspberry: $53
120 caps: $32


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Diatomaceous Earth


Food Grade (safe for ingestion)

More Info:

Everything you need to know here.


2 lb bag for only $5!